My love for the island lifestyle started here, I was 23 years old with all the carefree fun that came with it.

Ibiza, do you come to party? No, nobody comes at the end of February to party. It was the island, its energy, its beauty and probably more than ever this feeling of peace. I had discovered the island a few months earlier, in September, and this desire to return had become obsessive. I did, and that's when it all started, when Luchaa emerged in me without me knowing it.

It's interesting because I've been through stages in my life that may not seem like a big deal, but going out on your own, it leaves you with no choice, and ultimately, that's where you discover yourself. I went back to school in the fall, but I was definitely not the same, I had learned more about myself in a few months than I had since I was born.

I had discovered an incredible strength in myself that I could finally combine with my sensitivity. I had discovered that living on an island, on this island, was to have this feeling of being in my cradle. Luchaa means "the fight" in Spanish. The symbolism was great, my brand had to have a Spanish name, to echo my journey and remind me of my link with the island.

Dear Ibiza, you have and will always have my spirit.

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