Blue profoundly inspires Luchaa’s collections. Part of the fascination for this colour emanates from its elusiveness. Plant life has evolved without a clear ability to process blue pigments. In the animal kingdom, blue is even more scarce. Rarity arouses admira- tion, and this explains why we are filled with wonder at the sight of a blue morpho but- terfly.

Paradoxically, blue is also omnipresent on earth. Across the globe, the sky radiates different shades of blue. Oceans, seas and ri- vers reflect it in various gradations. But a blue sky is synonymous with beautiful weather. Si- milarly, we easily succumb to the thought of diving into clear water. Blue, hence, delights the senses and evokes positive sentiments.

Blue is comforting. It is a delicate and soo- thing colour. Scientific studies have proven the calming properties of the colour blue, renowned for its psychological effects that help reduce anxiety and regulate blood pressure. Often considered non-threatening, it projects peacefulness and a sense of secu- rity. The colour blue therefore instills a sere- ne atmosphere that appeases the body and the mind.
Throughout humanity, blue has prominently been used in the artistic sphere to honour powerful figures and express deep emo- tions. In ancient Greece, gods and god- desses were depicted with blue garments to exemplify their divinity. The great painters of the Renaissance mastered the colour blue to symbolise power, grandeur and beauty in its purest form. More recently, impressionists adopted the colour blue to communicate the notion of dreamy nostalgia, inner peace and tranquility.
Blue is magnetic. Blue is reassuring. Blue is poetic. Blue is powerful.

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