The Evil Eye, also known as “Mati”, is an influential superstition that originated in Mediterranean culture. Rooted in ancient supernatural beliefs, the Mati has stood the test of time. Through five millennia, its meaning has however been altered count- less times. In ancient Greece, the Mati was a curse cast by the glare of an individual filled with envy and jealousy, meant to inflict sickness.

In Mayan culture, the malediction of the Evil Eye could cause endless suffering and torment. A universe of different interpretations that adds to the mystique.
To safeguard against these malicious forces, it is customary to offer a protective amulet, pendant and other artefacts encrusted with the emblem of the Greek Eye, a black pupil surrounded by light blue, white and dark blue layers.

In modern times, it has established itself as an essential symbol of pop culture. Indeed, the Greek Eye adorns jewellery and fashion accessories the same way it inspires works of art and decorates interiors. Its preva- lence is a testament to the resiliency of the cultural heritage of Mediterranean societies.

Regardless of your convictions and superstition, the universal dimension of the Greek Eye, even nowadays, illustrates the richness of Mediterranean culture with its beliefs and traditions. A fascinating symbol worth exploring.

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