Surrounded by the magnificent Mediterranean lands- capes that Corsica has to offer, the brand Luchaa invites you, in this catalogue, to discover our unique collections.
The spirit of the island is captured in refined and original designs. Selected with care, each fabric encapsulates the freshness of the sea and radiates deep and shimmering colours.
Mindful of our ecological impact, Luchaa is keen on creating responsibly. As a result, we make a conscious decision to produce our ready-to-wear collection locally.

Today, the whole team is located in Corsica. A resolution that stimulates the local economy and enables to drasti- cally alleviate our carbon footprint by eliminating emis- sions originating from transportation of raw materials and finished products.
In fact, by opting to carry out our manufacturing opera- tions in Corsica, we celebrate the immense cultural rich- ness of this region and permeate the Corsican heritage and savoir-faire into our products.

By supporting local production, we create a more sus- tainable business and contribute to the development of the Corsican community.



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